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    We like dinosaurs and animals. We spend time under blankets. Call us when you want.
    This is the Sweetheart EP

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released November 28, 2010

zach: guitar, vocals
max: guitar, vocals
reece: bass, vocals
duncan: drums, vocals

additional noises by harry, lee, ryan and kev
recorded at the slaughterhouse october 16 & 17
and in our house november 1 & 2
we wrote and produced all songs
thank you lauren and angelina for cover photograph




all rights reserved


Tropical Punk Nashville, Tennessee

From all across the USA, formed Tropical Punk in Ithaca, live in a House in Nashville
and make Denim Records. You can Email us for Shows:

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Track Name: To Hearts
she took my hand
and then she took my heart
she played me
like she would have played a card
she shot the moon

she took 2 hearts 3 hearts 4 hearts 5 hearts
6 hearts 7 hearts 8 hearts 9 hearts
10 hearts Jack hearts Queen hearts King hearts
Ace hearts

i gave it all away to the queen of spades
Track Name: Why Don't We Take a Ride?
i don't want to stay
in the same place everyday
sitting on the porch
waiting for the rain
why don't we take a ride?
we could chase the sun
with the windows down
and the record loud
ride right out of this town
because i want to go
to the swimming hole
and never go back home
if you change your mind
i will always have the time
every single day
i wait for somebody to say
why don't we take a ride?
we could chase the sun
with the windows down
and the record loud
ride right out of this town
because i want to go
to the swimming hole
and never go back home
Track Name: Summer on the Rocks
summer days they are crazy
summer nights they are nice
summer drinks turn to summer talks
and now my summer is on the rocks
i get a hit get a hit from your hips
our sandy lips would turn to glass if i took just one hit
get it in get it in to your head
i can't be friends with you girl until the summer ends
let me in let me in through the door it's 1:04
tonight my friends are sleeping on the floor
i get a rush get a rush from your touch
that don't mean much because last night my friend kissed my summer crush
my summer's crushed...
Track Name: Old Rebel
it's raining outside and i'm feeling alright
but i wish you were here tonight
when the rain beats harder my heart will beat softer
but right now i feel alright

well the rain's getting stronger and i'm feeling farther
and farther away from you
when the rain starts to flood and the dirt turns to mud
will i still be feeling okay?
Track Name: Take Me To The Party, Baby
what do you think you've done?
you can't change what already happened
all you ever wanted was this girl
and now she's gone

she said, "take me to the party, baby
won't you save a drink just for me?"
Track Name: Try To
hold my hand
take a chance
bang bang party
crash and dance
bang bang party
crash and dance
we talk we talk
but no words come out
we talk we talk
but it sounds like shout

who has something to hold onto?
don't have feelings want to see you
head becomes a pounding hammer
thought somehow it would get better
but i've been trying
yeah i've been trying

all the better
all the worse
all the better
all the worse
all these feelings
all these feelings
have to burst
Track Name: Heads Above Water
we've been sinking on this ship
but i don't think we should quit
we can make it if we try
we don't have to say goodbye to each other tonight

we're young and full of love
and isn't that enough
tonight we don't let go
tomorrow we're alone again

we've been singing all night long
trying to figure out this song
the storm is coming strong
while we're waiting for the calm to come

we'll keep fighting through these waves
swim & sing until we're safe
i don't care about the rain
i don't care if we go insane tonight

we could dance until the sun
burns up everyone
sing until the day the day
you go away from here

quick the morning's coming fast
and i don't think we'll last
but i don't want this love
to fade into the past again

we must keep our heads above the water